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    • Configure Custom Nighteye Fix

      When tweaking the Nighteye Fix to catch your personal Nighteye spell, it is important to note the values under the Constants section of the in-game ENB editor Shader window. Params01.y < VALUE means set this value to that it is JUST larger than where you see this value under Constants when Nighteye is on. The most important setting is Params01.w > VALUE*0.1 however, and this needs clarification. When setting this you need to note the value under Constants, then move the decimal place to the right one place when setting your value. This is because the ENB editor doesn't allow 3 decimal place precision, and the Params01.w is very sensitive and needs to be fine-tuned in order to catch your Nighteye without applying during other effects (like soul trapping).

      To properly set t...

    • New and improved. I TOLD YOU THERE WAS A STRING.

      This is more of what I had envisioned. Still working on getting the string to pull back and where to put it. Might make it as part of a quest in time....

    • Big Guns Automatic Compatibility v1.1 Weapon Lists

      This list is only for weapons that have been manually configured. If a weapon is not found in this list and it qualifies for Big Guns, it will automatically be set to Big Guns and use the same skill requirement it did previously (i.e. if it is held like a Missile Launcher/Minigun and uses Energy Weapons 25 it will be set to Big Guns 25 SubType Energy).


      Big Guns 0
      Fallout3.esm: Rock-It Launcher

      Big Guns 25
      DeadMoney.esm: Automatic Rifle
      CFWNV.esm: Bren Gun
      CFWNV.esm: Lewis Gun
      OldWorldBlues.esm: K9000 Cyberdog Gun

      Big Guns 50

      CFWNV.esm: M60 GPMG
      OldWorldBlues.esm: FIDO
      LonesomeRoad.esm: Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun

      Big Guns 75

      FalloutNV.esm: Light M...

    • Bag Of Tricks Guide (version 1.4.0)


      For an in-game Feature Overview click here.
      The old guide can be view here.

      Character Creation, Progression & Experience
      Set the maximal ability score at character creation
      Set the ability points at character creation for the player and mercenaries
      Add casters levels
      Gain infinite skill points
       has to be disabled after spending the skill points in order to progress
      Ignore alignment restrictions for classes
      Set a multiplier for gained experience points 
      Add experience points to the whole party or individual characters
      Encumbrance & Carrying Capacity
      Set a multiplier for the party's carrying capacity

    • Bugs and Feedback

      Feel free to leave any Feedback or Bug reports here....

    • Excellent

      Hello to all! Playing the game I decided that I needed to diversify with the presence of various artifacts in the trade....

    • Heal Like Fallout 76

      Added some new stuff to Fallout 4 ( Like Fallout 76 )

      Rad-X Diluted
      RadAway Diluted
      Stimpak Diluted

    • Starlight Market Town. Detailed and leaves room to customize and add to.

      For this play through I decided I would try and make settlements that used things that they would have reasonable access to. It's not an exact or perfect science. More feel and flavor.
      Vehicles were used to make a barricade on the side adjacent the road. On the opposite side its more stakes and spikes.
      I tend to use Starlight as a trader hub and have many settlement caravanners traveling to and from this NW central location.  I set up a specific area for the npc caravans to congregate. There's also a mini-high street feeling set of stores to assign settler vendors to.  These areas are both on the southern side of the build area in line with the main entrance.
      To the northern side there is a walled off settlement area with access from the west, south and east. This area ...

    • CFL II Has Been Released

      It's finally out after months of work. CFL II has been upgraded in every way over the original. With a vast library of 60 different built-in presets, along with the ability to craft your own look in minutes using the included ENB tools, CFL II is the easiest way to get realistic, cinematic color in your gameplay and screenshots.

      CFL II features spectacular camera lens emulation, film grain, 50 different film stocks, and 10 custom Color Grades, all optionally toggleable and selectable in-game, and looking great out of the box. Gone are the days of manual editing of external text files to change CFL Look Packs. CFL II has 6 all-new look packs with 10 presets each, for a total of 60 presets, with more to come in the future.

      This time around, CFL also features...

    • Narod's Fallout VR Mod Manager - V1.4.3.0 out now


      Yet another brand new release of the Fallout 4 VR Mod Manager is out now. This release is mostly behind the scenes, with nothing notably changing to the user.

      The only new feature in this update is the inclusion of a automatic update checker. I have finally implemented a reliable system of checking for updates, and due to the nature of the program being constantly supported and updated - this will comes as a relief to many users.

      I hope you all enjoy the latest update!


    • Story Manager Event Quests

      The following quests start via Story Manager as long as the conditions are met.

      Much Ado About Snow Elves (DBM_MuchAdoAboutSnowElves)

      Quest not completed - DBM_MuchAdoAboutSnowElves
      Quest completed - dunNchuandZelQst (Lost Expedition)

      Night at the Museum (DBM_HauntedMuseumQuest)

      Global Value HauntBlock = 0 (Set in MCM)
      Global Value DBM_DisplayMax >= 300 (Display Count)
      Player is not in interior
      Player has not moved into Location "Museum Exterior"
      Player has not moved into a Location that you can teleport to with the Curator's Guide
      Quest not completed DBM_HauntedMuseumQuest
      DBM_ExplorerGuildHouse (A Room with a View) is not at stage 15 or 20
      DBM_MuseumHeist is not currently running o...

    • What can be improved

      Unfortunately, to reduce the transparency of water is possible only due to the shift of the  border of the top fog. This willbring back flickering edge again....

    • Doctor At Noir Penthouse

      Adds a Doctor to Noir Penthouse20 Items added with a script just stand still and let things spawn in on first load.
      Bobble head at workbench adds 100 of all scrap items to your inventory when picked up,
      Just hold on and LET All Items spawn !! don't goto Pip-Boy to see list change as items are added that might CTD,
      just go smoke or whatever, then put junk in workshop.

      Script added to the Chem lab to disable havoc as to fix the bug that allows player to pick it up.
      Some Perk books too
      Creation Club Needed cctosfo4001-neosky...

    • We're Back - Recapping Previous Updates

      Hey guys, it's been a while huh?

      To anyone who's been following this extension since the beginning, first off thank you all for the support you've shown us. Without your kind words and praise we would've fully given up on the extension long ago. As for everybody else, welcome to System Shutdown, we hope you enjoy your time playing the demo to our extension.

      Our first nexus article is going to recap all the past news posts we've made on the Steam Workshop page. We're doing this because from now on all System Shutdown news will be on Nexus Mods ONLY, so before we wipe the old announcements discussion we'd like to archive the old posts. Without further adieu, here's the complete history of System Shutdown so far.

      Initial Release

      On the 9th of Ju...

    • Narod's Fallout VR Mod Manager - V1.4.2.0 out now


      Second release in a single day! Not done this in quite some time... Let's look over what's changed.

      Not much on the surface. This release is going to be a long-supported release (LTS, if you will), as the next version of the mod manager will bring around some very important changes, such as a completely re-designed UI from the ground up, and more efficient systems, that may potentially allow for load order changing.

      Right now though, this release fixes many minor and non-critical bugs. It also adds a dialog that will pop-up when the mod manager is busy working.

      Thank you,

    • Tweaks Magic Touch Crafting

      Remotely access 9 different object including a Chest, Alchemy and Enchanting stations ect.....

    • Narod's Fallout VR Mod Manager - V1.4.1.0 out now


      I have released a new version of my mod manager. It fixes a bug that occurs if your Fallout 4 VR directory was incorrectly set at some point, and this will now guide you through the setup process again.

      I have also enabled deleting of .ba2 files straight from the mod manager, which will be useful to many.

      For those on lower-end systems, I have optimised the launcher now, and it is much more lightweight if you choose to leave the launcher open whilst playing the game.


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